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Feeling Alone?

There are things in life that we don't understand and we miss the mark filling that void with something we never thought we would. Loneliness is a hard topic to talk about and a hard feeling to go through. When I hear the word lonely what comes to my mind is, isolation, fear, self-pity, distant. But do you know one of the best things that overcomes loneliness? Surrounding ourselves with people, taking time to hear the hearts of someone else and what they are going through. What these two things do, is it pushes us out of ourselves and puts the focus on someone else.

We don't need to understand how or why, we just need to know who. Someone is always in our corner fighting for us through prayer, through good times and bad. No matter what comes our way, hope is on the other side. Loneliness is just a feeling that comes one minute and gone the next. Drinking is here one minute and gone the next. Life goes by too fast to be stuck in one place. Drinking or using of any kind of substance won't solve anything. If it's depression we are battling, anxiety that festers inside us, it can't stay long. Everything here on earth is temporary. But one day, we will wake up and not feel lonely. Not feel depressed or anxious. Not want to drink or use substances. One day, is today.

Someone once told me, "it doesn't matter what time of day it is, you can turn it around right now and start over." You may be thinking, "how do I do that? The day is half over it's 5 p.m. I can't turn this day around now and restart." You would be right. But God can. We have a choice everyday to do something great and to do something that will impact someone else's life. We have the choice to do something good for ourselves and not be depressed or anxious. It starts with "God, I need you." Then whatever is on your heart that feels like it's eating away at you comes out in a prayer and reaches the ears of God. He hears our cries and hears our plea for help in our worst of times. Jesus is eternal, fear, loneliness, anxiety, is temporary. Hope is here, hope is found in Christ alone.

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